Common CORE

The Common CORE Standards


Ohio’s state homepage

•  Latest updates from RttT News and Views:


•  What I would call “cross-walk documents” between the CORE and Ohio’s “old” standards

ELA: At the top it says “comparative analysis”

Math: K-8 Comparative Analysis and HS Crosswalk in middle of page


•  Ohio’s Model Curricula:

ELA:  towards the bottom-

Math:  towards the bottom-



PARCC CORE Curriculum Resources

EXCELLENT resource explaining how PARCC interprets the Common CORE for Math and ELA.  Excellent for “shifts” and areas of focus.  It’s a “can’t miss” resource.

A couple of webinars concerning the Common CORE



There is a TON of excellent information in here.  I will highlight a few, but there are many more great resources in here. : Math and ELA Common CORE exemplar lessons

An excellent resource called the Tri-State Rubric.  It’s a rubric for both Math and ELA to “score” a Common CORE lesson.  Very effective at identifying the level of rigor necessary to be a “Common CORE lesson”

New York state homepage

A very cool and unique website offering units (lessons) and STUDENT WORK.  Very rare/unique, check it out.

New York State Dept of Ed:

Links to 10 videos entitled “Bringing the Common Core to Life”