It is best to create a username/password to be able to enter “my portal” to access all of the functionality of Battelle for Kids (BFK)’s website.  You will likely need to email the provided support inbox for an access code, and you need your Ohio Teacher’s Certificate for the following step.

Next, there are “tabs” in blue across the top of the page, select “my portal”.  At the bottom of the page there is a logo for “tools”, select “Value-Added Resources” next to the tools logo.

Under “Value-Added Toolkit Materials” tabThere is an intro to Valued-Added, benefits of Value-Added, the URM Addendum explains the differences in the Value-Added calculations between grade levels/subject areas that are tested every year (MRM calculation) and for the subject areas that are not tested every year (URM calculation) but still receive a Value-Added score.  There is a guide for each level of schools (elementary, middle, high) as well.

Under “Regional Collaborative Workshops”–  A lot of updates, information and application resources for Value Added.

Under “Other Resources”–  Misconceptions about value added, and the principal data walks are good for principals to think through value added scenarios that will come up.

Under “Ohio Focus Guides”–  These Focus Guides (created for each level) are outstanding.  There is a facilitation powerpoint to go along with the packets for the presenters benefit.  The guide works you through some “dummy data” and then you apply it to your LEA’s data.  Excellent.