House Bill 555

imagesODE has released a FAQ on the impact of House Bill 555.

HB555 FAQ js

Read bottom of pg. 41 top of pg. 42 for direct language that impacts Student Growth Measures.



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Ohio’s 2014-15 Assessment Plan

In 2014-15 Ohio will be implementing a new assessment system.  PARCC is developing assessments for grades 3-11 Math (3 assessments will be created for both traditional and integrated course pathways at the high school) and English Language Arts (grades 3-11).  Ohio will be developing Science assessments for grades 5, 8, and two high school end of course exams (Physical Science / Biology).  Ohio is also developing Social Studies assessments for grades 4, 6 and two high school end of course exams (American History / American Government).

Ohio’s Revised Science Standards

There is an overview of Ohio’s Revised Science Standards and K-12 model curricula.  There are links to a transition plan, resources and professional development.

Ohio’s New Social Studies Standards

There are informational videos, content standards, model curricula, transition plans, resources and professional development.